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If you don't lose weight within the first 10 DAYS we'll refund your money!

Burn Fat Orlando’s 20 lb. Weight Loss Guarantee

Our plan is time tested, and customers that gain the greatest benefit are the ones that follow our plan with little to no deviation. Burn Fat Orlando guarantees that each customer will lose at least 20 pounds of weight by the end of our plan. If the customer does not lose at least 20 pounds, then, at the discretion of Burn Fat Orlando, the customer’s plan will either be extended for up to 20 days or the customer will be put back on the plan at absolutely no cost to the customer to reach a minimum of 20 pounds of weight loss or fat loss.

Our guarantee is quite simple – we guarantee you will reach 20 pounds of weight loss and we will stick with you until this result is achieved. The guarantee is for immediate extension of your program no “break” in program can be made. This is not a money-back-guarantee, program refunds are not possible should you use or elect to not use the guarantee.